"Our passion and knowledge about La Palma make a difference."

This project started with two local friends that since a long time ago have been strongly active in the local mountain bike events. La Palma has been our playground since we were born, we´ve been discovering new trails over the years and we decided in 2016 to share our trails and our passion with the rest of the world creating Flow Trails La Palma.

A small but dedicated team.
Good things come in small packages, right? Well, we’d like to think so. We’re not the biggest team in the world but what we lack in size we believe we make up for in quality service. The team consists of dedicated and experienced local riders who were born and have extensive knowledge of La Palma. They know all the best trails to ride and are helpful, friendly, and professional. Above all, they are fun.

"Rodrigo" -We love this way of life, It is a true passion where Riders feel like at a friend’s home."It is really awesome to grow up in one of the best places to ride in Europe and share my passion with riders all over the world.


Our goal is simple, we love riding mountain bikes, showing the best way to this magic island and sharing our passion with you.


We have been for many years competing and from 5 years ago organized Enduro and Downhill races collaborating with the Cabildo of La Palma and town halls like Enduro Puntallana and Transvulcania bike. In 2023 we organized with Puntallana council The Enduro Spanish Championship it was the most successful enduro race in the Canary Islands, what next? we don't know yet but from now just keep forward, EWS? can be... hehe.

Trail maintenance 

Another passion is the maintenance of trails and recovery of very old paths to use for riding, While local municipalities are responsible for major maintenance, a small army of volunteers also toils to keep the trails in prime riding condition.

The crew

  • Rodrigo

    Ownner/guide/Trail Builder

  • samuel

    local guide

  • Alex

    Shuttle driver

  • Airon

    Trail tester