Mountain biking in La Palma

You will be riding through the immense laurel forest and surfing the volcanoes. You will think that you have been to different continents every day. Endlessly epic trails will test your skill and stamina during Flow Trails-style riding. Definitely, this is a world-top place for Enduro MTB.


Our new demo and service center will allow you to try before you buy; You can receive your new bicycle in our store, where you can assemble it and leave it ready to ride for free. Or send it to your home directly. Simply place your order in our email and you can choose the delivery address you want.

Our center has a wide range of Enduro and Ebike enduro, which you can rent it for your vacation on the island.

Whether you want to rent, test ride a bike, have a warranty issue, or are looking for a replacement part, our demo and service center has you covered, providing quick response and peace of mind to all INTENSE riders.

The best riding spot you’ve never heard of all year around

With 702m2 and 2428m high La Palma is the third steepest island in the world full of different microclimates with a huge natural trail network around the island where the bikers find an Awesome variety of terrain and landscapes 

"The vast variety of trails is truly mind-blowing"

Just Imagine riding down a unique volcanic trail or cruising down the jungle on an epic flowy trail on the same day. Without comparison, is the warmest place to be in Europe during the winter months.

There´s hardly a place in La Palma we haven´t ridden, guided, recced or mapped - let us take care of the details so you can get out and ride somewhere new without the hassle of navigation, what to do when the conditions go awry or if you just want to take away the pressure of not knowing how good a trail is going to be.